Introducing Our New Name!

Yes! We have changed our name to Hedgerows Ireland! The Hedge Laying Association of Ireland – which has existed since 2004 – will have a new identity. We’re not abandoning our purpose, activities or our members. Instead, we’re recognising a need which has become more apparent – and which better reflects our core purpose.

Our Constitution provides that our core objective is “to encourage and facilitate the conservation, protection and appropriate management of hedgerows”, and “to promote the craft and profession of hedge laying”.

We exist to preserve and maintain hedgerows and the ancient skill of hedge laying. These two elements go hand in hand. Without hedgerows, there is no hedge laying. And hedge laying is by far the best method to continually rejuvenate and manage hedgerows over time.

However, it is apparent that there is a need to advocate for and build awareness of the systemic importance of hedgerows. Our hedgerows are being badly damaged, and in some cases, destroyed. To preserve this exceptional heritage feature on the island of Ireland we need to step up and champion our hedgerows. We need to educate and celebrate the diversity and relevance of our hedgerows. And to show how they can be best maintained and managed – especially in terms of promoting the craft of hedge laying.

Therefore, we are embarking on a broad-ranging strategy to boost awareness of hedgerows and hedge laying and to build a much broader base of hedge laying capability. This will help protect our at-risk hedgerows, as well as grow the skills across the island to enable effective hedgerow maintenance and rejuvenation.

In time, our strategy will help to abate the reduction and aid the recovery of our hedgerows. We will help our landowners to preserve and benefit from healthy, productive and biodiversity-rich hedgerows.

We are Hedgerows Ireland!